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BCity Reps | Adult Crew | 2020 – YouTube

Some of our BCITY ADULT CREW MEMBERS were featured in this music video production by MINA MONDAY PRODUCTIONS and CHOREOGRAPHED by MINA MONDAY.

On God – Mulatto (Official Dance Video) | A Mina Monday Production – YouTube

To register online for a BCity Reps Dance Crew Auditions, please review and sign the COVID release found here, and complete the registration form below (must be completed by Parent/Legal Guardian or student, if over 18 years of age).

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

BCity Reps Dance Crew Audition Registration Form:

BCity Reps Terms and Conditions
By completing the registration form above, I hereby agree that the BCity Reps Dance Program, nor its agents, employees, officers nor directors shall be liable for any injuries, damages or losses sustained by the student, which are in any way related, whether directly or indirectly, to the student’s participation in all classes, workshops, parties, and special events. Please also note that any activity involving motion, rotation or height may cause accidental injury. I also authorize the BCity Reps Dance Program at BCity Dance Studio to use any photographs or videotape taken of student for legitimate purposes.

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