BCity Teens


2018-2019 BCity Reps Dance Crew


2019-2020BCITY TEENS

This will be the first year BCity Reps will have Auditions for BCity Teens. BCity Teens will be a Competitive dance team that will perform at many shows, charity events, and Studio/Crew competitions. 2018-2019 Dance Team will consists of both male and female dancers ranging from 13-18yrs old. Auditions for 2019-2020 BCity Teens will be held August 24th and 25th 2019 at BCity Reps Dance Studio.

Practice Times –
Sundays 330p-5p (Mandatory)

– All shows and practices are mandatory unless told otherwise. Commitment will be from now until end of May 2019.

– Parents/guardians are required to drive the kids or car pool to competitions/shows.

– A $500 fee will be due No later than OCTOBER 1st 2018. This will go towards coach fee, outfits, and 2 competition fees (additional competitions parents/guardians will be responsible for fees). All kids will be given a list of undergarments i.e. tank tops/t-shirts etc. and black solid leggings are bought by parents/guardians not included in the fee.

-Any Additional Group or Solo Competition within the year parents/guardians will have to provide additional payment.

-Regarding competitions and shows parents can attend, some will be free and some will not.

-Competitions and shows will fall on the weekends and some weekdays. Competitions will begin November 2018. Shows will be throughout the 2018-2019 dance year. Schedule will be sent via E-mail.

-If after reading this you have realized that this may be a bit overwhelming to you and your family then please be honest now.

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